October 03, 2023

Regeneratively raised, 100% grass fed and finished bison is the most nutrient-dense protein on the planet. For this and so many reasons, from the history of the bison to the way they're raised, we chose to create our supplements from bison rather than the commoditized, industrialized cattle. 

The American bison holds the title of being North America's largest herbivore and keystone species within the grassland ecosystem. A keystone species means the bison are critical to maintaining the ecological balance and biodiversity of the planet. When these majestic creatures roam freely across vast stretches of land, as they have done for countless millennia, they harmoniously graze on native grasses without causing overgrazing. Their gentle hoof disturbances contribute to the soil structure, which is vital for the growth of native grasses. With reverence to the bison, our ranchers adopt land and animal management practices that emulate this ancient relationship.

Since Bison makes up less than .002% of American protein consumption, they are exempt from the inhumane laws that prohibit field harvest, and they are allowed to be field harvested, which is the most humane way. Cattle, chicken, pork, turkey, and lamb cannot be legally field harvested, they must go to slaughter. Standard assembly line slaughter makes it easy to see how meat got a bad rap. Standard Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) and assembly slaughter practices suck. The treatment of these animals is deplorable and unconscionable. We would never allow for that. Animals are an integral part of our planet and they must be treated with utmost reverence and respect.

Just asour ranchers provide our bison with acres to roam, they believe in honoring their dignity at harvest. Humane field-harvest means they only harvest our buffalo on the prairie where they graze. They never see the inside of a trailer or a feedlot, unlike 90% of the buffalo raised for meat in the U.S. (or 100% of cattle).

Our bison is always 100% grass fed and grass finished. They are never fed grain and are never given antibiotics, medication, vaccinations or hormones. From birth to death, 365 days a year, they know only the openness of the plains and the taste of prairie grasses, free of GMOs, herbicides, and pesticides. And because they are never subjected to the stress of transport and confinement, their meat is unaffected by a surge of stress hormones.

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