December 29, 2021

Do you do EVERYTHING right from eating the right nourishing foods to getting plenty of sunshine and exercise and your family is STILL sick ALL the time? And maybe even worse still suffering with autoimmune, neurological or gastrointestinal issues that just won't heal no matter what you try? That used to be me and my family!

We eat grass fed liver and heart and kidney and wild salmon roe and egg yolks and bone broth and raw dairy, we are gluten free and soy free, we catch most sunrises and sunsets and get mid day sun for our vitamin D exposure, regular chiropractic care, we ground, we drink clean nourishing spring water, we never eat anything artificial, GMO or sprayed with pesticides, never take prescription or over the counter medications, we never have had a vaccine in our lives my children and I... the list goes on and on, yet I still couldn't keep my kids from the constant colds that struck our family way more than it should have and symptoms that I was having that were never quite diagnosable. Of course living amongst all the EMF and pollution from smog and chemtrails are next to impossible to avoid on most of this planet but knowing what I know as a chiropractic physician and living the way we do, we shouldn't be down this often and I certainly shouldn't have been experiencing the neurological and autoimmune type symptoms I was experiencing with my lifestyle.  

I thought it was living near what I called "cell phone tower row" which was a street in Paradise Valley, AZ where we lived for many years lined with those artificial saguaro cactus.  Well, I know they're not REALLY cell phone towers because our cell phones work the same way they did when I was 19 years old when I got my first phone almost 30 years ago. I know these structures are way more nefarious and something more along the lines of some evil control towers emitting EMF and I'm sure many other artificial poisons we may not even yet know the names of. So, I decided to move and see how we felt. 

We moved much farther north in Scottsdale where we were farther away from all the towers and most of the pollution. BUT, not only did I NOT notice any improvements, we now had an entire new collection of symptoms. From bloody noses, to bed wetting and eczema with my kids to brain fog, vertigo, a constant cough and eczema with me. Of course my husband said he felt fine and his strange fever that he used to get every three months at the last home had subsided but I knew his constant TMJ and shoulder pain was part of whatever was poisoning us all along as well. Hint, husbands also spend about half the time in the home as women do.

I suffered for four long miserable years in the first home and another four miserable years in the next home that I really would like not to ever remember or discuss again but I must, to help save all of the others suffering from the same thing we were suffering from.

Little did I know that what was causing all of these symptoms as an adult was also what caused all of my health issues as a child from ADD to eczema to chronic fatigue/epstein barr virus, dysbiosis and more. 

As I sat at my dining room table at age 42 with breast pumps attached to both breasts for my newborn third baby because I wasn't producing enough milk for her to a nebulizer in my mouth filled with our silver that was the only thing that saved my life from severe vertigo and the persistent cough, I noticed a trail of water coming out from underneath the kitchen island. After four miserable years, through all my brain fog, it came to me all in a matter of one second. It was MOLD causing ALL of our symptoms from BOTH homes AND the home I grew up in and likely every apartment and home I ever lived in my entire life. 

MOLD. I hate even saying the word because it has ROBBED me of my life for 48 years.  Literally even up until now living in a BRAND NEW home that I knew had mold even before we moved in. The only way I am able to forgive and move on is knowing all the other families out there in the same situation that I am going to help. I had literally come to the end of my health rope but I am a survivor and a fighter and it's the only thing that got me through all of this.  

I used to tell all my patients for years, believe it or not, that their health issues were all related to mold BUT I never thought MY homes had mold because they were all relatively new but more than that, they didn't have that tell tale old lady closet mold smell. I knew mold a mile away before I even entered a home that had mold due to that easily identifiable typical mold odor. One of the homes we lived in smelled like wood lacquer and now that I know better, that was the smell the mold was emitting. There's a plethora of smells mold can emit...and they don't even have to smell bad! What's worse is that I never knew that mold can also have NO smell at all!!!  Meaning I could no longer rely on my sensitive sniffer to keep us out of this deadly situation again.  

I went on to suffer in another couple homes since then because little did I know that standard mold air testing which every company performs is absolutely WORTHLESS!!! Thousands and thousands of dollars in mold tests were coming back negative but I still didn't feel well and knew I wasn't healing fast enough with all of the amazing products I was taking. 

It took a chiropractor who serendipitously came into my life to introduce me to the ONLY reliable and accurate mold test on earth AND he also taught me that there is more than just water damage mold. There's also water damage bacteria!! Guess what?! My last house and my current house had BOTH! Which means that if you are ONLY testing for water damage mold and it comes back negative I ASSURE YOU that if you have ANY symptoms whatsoever, you for sure have water damage bacteria. I don't care if you suffer from anxiety/depression gut issues skin issues autoimmune issues neurological issues and more, IT'S ALL FROM MOLD. PERIOD. 

My husband's TMJ and shoulder pain are gone now, by the way, and he now not only believes that EVERYTHING he sees in his consults are caused by mold, but it's a requirement that each and every patient test their home and/or office to be under his care. It's plain and simple and now knows the CAUSE which is the CURE. He is a cardiologist who now sees everything under the sun from strokes to even cancer resolving right before his own eyes from getting his patients out of MOLD. Mold has caused each and every heart attack stroke and more that has ever walked into his office. We have yet to find one test come back negative from this simple do it yourself kit. It's called a mold dust swiffer test and here is the test that saved my life and is saving millions more out there from the devastating effects of mold.  

And remember, you don't have to live in FL or Costa Rica to have mold.  If you have any water connections in your home and any water all from washing machines to sinks to likely have mold. Not to mention the roof leaks and wood materials used in construction that are already moldy when they arrive! Today's homes also don't breathe....thanks to all the new building laws that foster and spur mold growth. And I assure you it's no accident!

This is the test that has saved my life and I will NEVER live in another water damaged home again.  You need test number 8 swiffer option. Purchase one test per every 1500 sq ft of home or office space. So if your home is 3000 sq ft, you need to purchase two test number 8's. 

The company offers a free five minute consult when you receive your results and if you have questions about how to perform the do it yourself test, they are really good about answering all questions. Wild Mamas is happy to help as well and contact us with any questions if your test comes back positive (which I know it will). I'll tell you how to proceed with finding where the mold is as that's the hard part. Don't trust just any mold remediation company. Most have NO CLUE what they are doing sadly and you will waste all of your time and money. They only look for moisture. You don't need moisture to have mold. And remember one crucial fact about mold.... "dead" mold causes the same problems as living mold does. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  And also don't let them tell you that mold behind walls doesn't affect you.  Because it DOES!



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