When you are called to live a life of service, you know this from the day you are born.

You spend your childhood with a knowing that you are a little bit different, special maybe. You live your life with experiences that shape you and change you and experiences that you know were put in your path to help you help others.

This was Dr. Heather Wolfson. She spent her life with an inner knowing that her purpose here on this planet was to save the children. Save the children from parents who didn't know better, save the children from a government out for their blood and to save the children from themselves!

Growing up with a Chiropractor dad, Dr. Heather grew up understanding a life of service. She knew the way of the medical doctors and pharmaceuticals were the fastest path to destruction. She chose the Chiropractic path like her dad because she understood that this philosophy was the backbone of good health. 

Dr. Heather treated all sorts of patients and never shied away from the truth. She shared her truth freely whether or not people were ready to hear it. But countless patients came back to thank her for changing their lives. You see, some people need a wake up call, some people need it spelled out and Dr. Heather on her mission, never minced words.

WILD MAMAS began as a little fire in her belly. A calling that it was time to return people to their ancestral roots. It was the CALL OF THE WILD :)

Dr. Heather and the team have been working tirelessly since to create the most potent, powerful, effective, advanced, cutting edge, ancestrally sound, products on the planet!

We promise to NEVER ever compromise. This is what we practice and what we want to bring to you. We want you to trust your gut, listen to your inner knowing and never ever compromise!

Like a maverick and like a cowboy, we live life by our rules. We do things not just to be different, but to be better. We are intuitively guided by the intelligence of MOTHER Nature, aptly called Mother, for good reason. It's the MAMAS who know best and we won't let them tell you otherwise! 

Welcome to the TRUTH.  Welcome to WILD MAMAS