Absolutely NOT! NO. NEVER! USDA organic “standards” do not even come close to meeting my standards nor nature’s standards which are one in the same. 

Nature has a far more complex, far healthier system than anything man could ever conceivably create. All we’ve got to do is get out of her way and foster an environment under which she can thrive. There are no higher standards than Wild Mamas and our farms we source our animals from.

Our ranchers use:

  • Regenerative raising practices with zero tolerance for pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers
  • No vaccines 
  • Honorable & respectful field harvest
  • As nature intended practices for raising, harvesting and processing

We far exceed the standards of organic at every stage. We are 100% non-GMO & 100% glyphosate free. 

Ask any question, any time, and we'll give you an honest answer, every time: info@wildmamas.com

We will never compromise our values or your trust in us.

Great question. In our quest to find healthy gelatin capsules that meet our standards, we came up with nothing. How could we possibly support the conventional cattle industry? How can I use a tortured grain fed cow gelatin capsule when I am only willing to support and sell a field harvested unvaccinated never touched by man wild Bison?  The answer was, “I couldn’t”!  And yes, I think of EVERYTHING. Every little detail. 

Impeccably sourcing our bison and then putting them in a horrific, factory farmed and slaughtered gelatin capsule? NOT A CHANCE. We asked our encapsulator for another option. He offered us the non-gmo HPMC capsule for more money (A LOT MORE MONEY) And we did not pass that extra price on to the consumer. 

HPMC and gelatin both have a 5 year shelf life but HPMC also comes with more benefits. It can withstand higher temperatures and higher humidity than gelatin. The HPMC is derived from vegetable cellulose of either pine or poplar and it's made up of 2 ingredients, HPMC and purified water. 

We have started the process of creating grass-fed, grass-finished, humanely field harvested capsules but it will take some time.

In short, it doesn't.

Standard prenatal multivitamin complexes are all synthetically derived in an attempt to meet governmental requirements on nutrients. The guidelines are based on faulty science. 

Our product is food, essential food with all of the vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats required to support fertility, prenatal, and the postnatal periods. 

We do not attempt to compare our products to laboratory derived, synthetic ones. We stand above them. 

We are the Mother of All Prenatals. 

Please see our page on bison here.To answer this question succinctly, we chose bison with intention, not just for differentiation. Bison, with or without our standards, are hard to come by. But sourcing bison that meet our prerequisites, is a painstaking undertaking. It's important to realize that for countless centuries across this continent, indigenous communities have turned to the bison as a vital source of sustenance. This is how we evolved. Eating what our ancestors ate. The bison's profound bond with the land remains unbroken, and while they were on the brink of extinction, they now play a pivotal role in revitalizing native ecosystems. Bison are a truly wild animal. This is why they can still be humanely field harvested. Most importantly, nutritionally, bison is the superior ruminant.

We procure the organ meat in raw form, it’s frozen immediately and then, freeze-dried. This is the best way to maximize and preserve the nutrients. This is also how you keep the meat low in histamines. Our supplements have gone through no cooking or heating process (aside from the bone broth), so like raw food, our supplements keep all of the nutrients, minerals, enzymes, and co-factors intact. Freeze-drying keeps the organs consumable for many years. If you know any preppers, this is what they do - they freeze dry, maximizing nutrition and shelf stability. To compare, dehydrating retains only about 60% of nutrients and freeze-drying retains about 97%.

Each 6 capsule serving of our bison organs, is 3000 mg of freeze dried organs. This would be like eating 1 ounce of organ meat per day! When freeze drying, all the water or moisture content is removed. Once it is freeze dried, there is a significant reduction in weight. We find it much easier to take the caps than to eat the organs, but if you’re going to eat the fresh organs, by all means, please do!

Yes, we are. And we struggle sometimes with pricing because we almost feel like a non-profit. Our products actually cost us more! We cannot get large quantities of inventory. We often buy retail. Because we are buying the best bison organs on the planet. Beef is plentiful, bison is not. Literally, no one else is buying bison organs for supplements – it’s mostly beef liver and vaccinated bison. We are sourcing the best salmon roe from the Salish Sea. The best quality and purest Emu Oil from Walkabout. The top of the line skincare ingredients. No one else is making tallow in SaladMaster pots and pans. Washing the dishes and utensils with Pristine Hydro water. Glass bottles. No plastic. No grains. Wild salmon. Field harvested. Beyond organic. Unfortunately, these days, it’s a bit pricier to get great quality food and nourishment. But if there is any one place you could spend, it’d be on how you nourish yourself and your family. This is the place where the return on investment is so high, it’s priceless. We are making these products to meet the standards we want for our family. Having said this, we make giving back a priority and part of our mission. We always seek out ways to donate - feel free to drop us a note if you are a mama in need: info@wildmamas.com

If you want to notice a palpable difference, then yes! Take the full dose. Having said that, our supplements are NOT a science experiment like all the synthetic supplements out there. Our supplements are real, whole foods and should be considered as such. Some days, maybe you eat 2 servings of organ meat and some days, just a nibble. Our serving sizes are not arbitrary, they’re deliberate and produce results. We offer these food-based supplements so that people can eat the foods we are meant to eat and THRIVE!

The short answer is yes, and animals too! These are the whole foods that our ancestors survived and thrived on! If you have any allergies or sensitivities, it’s best to start slow, with one capsule not six. A very small percent of people with severe autoimmune conditions or methylation issues may experience detoxification symptoms (dizziness, headaches, nausea, etc). Check with your functional medicine practitioner, chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath or other holistic healer.

Since it’s a whole food, you can really take them any time you would eat. But because of all the B vitamins and energy giving nutrients, we’d suggest you take them earlier in the day so you aren’t doing laps around your room at midnight.


Since our products are freeze dried, they are completely shelf stable. They do not need to be kept cool, refrigerated or frozen.

Yes, they are manufactured in a gluten-free facility.

Simply put, we cannot afford it. We price our products as affordably as possible to make it as accessible to as many people as we can. We will not go on sale, ever. These animals are sacred and they must be valued and respected. Their nutrition is unparalleled and cannot be discounted. We often pay high retail prices for these organs but we are committed to bringing you the very best nutrition for you, your baby, your family. Please remember these capsules are made with the top of the food chain, the indigenous, unvaccinated, field harvested bison, not the commoditized, vaccinated cow. We use pristine wild salmon, not the inferior hoki or cod fish. We have also created a fund for people to participate in and donate to. We will use this fund to donate our supplements to mamas in need.